nEAT is the network for Everyday Architecture and Technology.

We are interested in iterative solutions to commonplace problems with a focus on improving the quality of repetitive constructions set in the background of our built environment. We believe in a seamless integration of design, engineering, and fabrication – all in the service of utilitarian and idealistic archi-products.

We wonder: how will the buildings grow, change, age, and die? Will they have a positive impact on the place and the people? Will they educate and set a good example?

Stefan Nedelcu

After the university in Bucharest and Toulouse, a couple of years as a teaching assistant, an uncompleted Ph.D. on urban branding, and a few internships (including one in Boston alongside the Moshe Safdie team) I went on to set up my practice, progressing as follows: Redesign (2008), Tegmark (2010), and nEAT World (2015).

The young Redesign team enthusiastically approached a variety of projects: housing, public facilities, but also large scale (ice skating rink, performing arts academy). Even though many of the designs remained at the project stage, they were a great exercise in flexibility.

As a side storyline, in 2010, I founded Tegmark alongside friends sharing an interest in architectural imagery. Our high-end visuals quickly became internationally appreciated and the team now works with superstar clients such as OMA, Zaha Hadid, or BIG. One of the notable projects I directed was the set of visuals for the LA2024 Olympics bid

nEAT World was launched in 2015, as an answer to my current interest in iterative and utilitarian solutions to commonplace (everyday) problems. I am now focusing on standardized projects, from housing to retail and logistics, aiming to effectively integrate design, engineering, and fabrication.

Mariana Borla

I graduated from the Architecture University in Bucharest in 2007 and enlisted as a certified architect in 2010. During my early career years, I joined the Chapman Taylor Romania (2007) and Performa Architects & Engineers (2009) design practices, where I had the opportunity to work on projects of variable sizes and complexities: from residential and hotels to large scale shopping centers and office buildings.

I joined the Redesign team in 2010 and went on exploring additional architectural programs in the housing, hospitality, and small public equipment areas. I soon became interested in developing the working tools, standards, and templates, through which we can assure our clients a great quality process and a great quality product.

The transition to our new concept, nEAT World, came naturally as an answer to our team’s desire to explore in what way standardization, repetition, and mass-production can improve the background and backbone of our built environment.

Former colleagues

Radu Barota
Matei Vlasceanu
Cosmin Tolbes
Bogdan Gogoci
Andrei Moaca
Silvia Diaconu
Daniel Nedelcu
Ioana Zachia
Roxana Dumitriu
Bogdan Mihaila

Our work ranges from residential, educational, hospitality to large-scale cultural and sports facilities. An important segment of our activity consists of retail fit-out projects for clients such as H&M, LPP, Intersport, or Auchan.

If you wish to get in contact, we would be glad to share some thoughts and hopefully collaborate on rational, efficient but also meaningful projects. We are open to any subject of professional interest and looking forward to hearing from you.